Web design Bangkok

Netmedia web design Bangkok

Netmedia web design Bangkok

Web designers in Bangkok and Thailand have been having it to good for too long, charging what they like for essentially a simple process.

Building you a website is like giving a child a bicycle but not teaching him how to ride it

We sit right next to you and we need 3-4 hours together minimum we show you how to own the domain yourself, as this is vital as domains become worth money later if you have put your hard work in, and this also saves you a lot of money on hosting fees later on, when you know that your average web designer is paying around $10 a month for hundreds of websites and emails!

We then show you the process of how we start a website from the domain purchase to actually starting to customise with colours, fonts, pages, and posts and how to add Search engine optimisation  plug ins to help you get higher on search engines.

We will show you how to add pictures and videos and how to promote to social media, we will also show you all the free plug ins like shopping carts and forums that are all free, and that web designers used to charge you for!

You then can manage your site yourself and do everything you need to grow your business and you can even start anbother website for yourself after we have trained you!

3 -4 hours 7,500 THB

Best value for money Bangkok period!

I ran into Alan. I hired him for some personal training on Facebook and a few other networking sites, and before I knew it, I was up and running. It was easy, simple and inexpensive. Now after 6 months, I have gained direct access to more than 4,500 new customers. I have increased my market penetration into a new market segment that is not accessible to me via the old traditional marketing approach.and its ALL new business at that! Rene G. Bourgeois CMA, MCR [email protected]

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