As a Internet marketing training business in Thailand and UK we also provide the following services:

Internet marketing Workshops

Web design Bangkok

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Of Net media Thailand. Alan is a cheerful, well communicative, and has an open and amiable style that easily warms you up and gets your attention at his informative presentations, briefings and tuitions. Basic website design skills and constron of framework for marketing and distributing your business around the web is well thought out to link into modern multimedia marketing, where your product will be appropriately linked, and distributed. This is a conscientious but efficient approach to web design and marketing, Alan wants the website to work smart, and not hard or by spamming, and mentors you around the construction process showing you evidence of how this is working, and full of interesting ways to improve your listing and prominence on the search engines. I believe he provides good value for money. He gets you started with a very good understanding in a short time of the way in which the internet web works, basic design, and optimisation so you have the knowledge to build on the web design yourself or with web designers without being ripped off.

Richard Mc Gready