‘Bloggers do it on the keyboard and finish really strong’

Blogging is like dating, let me show you how to get lucky online:

Getting attention (Striking up conversation)

Many business consultants say you should have something distinctive about your apparel that makes you stand out and people remember you, it could be a pink handkerchief or a dicky bow or as I do always have some branded shirts.

Other ways to get attention can be your business card; I heard one story of how one Electrician rigged his business card to a small electrical current via a small battery in his jacket, when he handed out his business card at a network meeting it gave the recipient a small jolt of electricity and the follow up was:

“Don’t get a bolt make sure to call Tommy Holt”

A bloggers headline is what will bring people to your site.

Your headline is like the best looking girl and lad outside a Spanish nightclub to draw people in. It’s not much use if you have killer content but your headline sucks.

biz-find | online marketing V dating

biz-find | online marketing V dating

Shock statements like:

Why you are not wealthy yet!

Warnings work too

Why most social media campaigns fail

Tips and tricks still work.

Tips for writing your own novel.

All pander to curiosity and intrigue, human traits we will not grow out of anytime soon, and will all get you to the next stage:

The body of your message (The dinner date)

The middle paragraphs where you get to know one another, where you explain why you are better than your competitors and relate to your reader to solve an universal problem and provide a simple way to scratch that itch, be emotional, show feelings.Tell the reader why you do what you do and why it’s so important to you.

Avoid Platitudes

Saying; ‘Vi Flowers are fresh and beautiful’ is just a load of worn out Platitudes, words that can make the reader go; ‘ Well I would hope so!” Words can get people married and start wars, choose them carefully,

Why not say; ‘Vi Flowers come from the heart’

Same message just better words, you will find a better response!

Call to action (Last base)

You have to learn to be a good all rounder to make it online and use blogs to drive traffic to where you want them to go to, then your landing page or website should make them do what you want them to do.

So many people do all the work and fail at the end of the blog post and go home alone. Once you have done all the work attracting a potential client, telling them without platitudes why you are the best, developing trust by telling them you feel their pain, you can solve their problems now and love what you do, then why oh why don’t you ask them to buy from you and take them home?

A call to action is the reason why anyone is in business.

Years ago when I was a salesman we had closes, Like:

The order pad: Shall I fill in the form now then?

The obvious: How many do you want 1 or 3?

The alternative: Which one of these three is the best for you?

The angry boss: I’ve just spoke to my boss and he has told me that he can get you the discount but now only, he’s a right grump if I don’t give him an answer now….

Biz-find Wowapp review

yes? No?..close!

So many variations but they all said the same thing; are you ready to buy? Do I need to do anything more to help you make a decision?

Online you don’t have the luxury of body language to judge whether someones ready to buy, or to ask questions they can answer right now, so you have to make it seamless.

Tell them; ‘To buy one of these amazing things click here!’

A blog post for a business selling something that has no call to action is akin to dating a Eunuch, sure he’s lovely but that’s as far as it will go!

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